Murals and other forms of public art are powerful expressions of community involvement and collaboration. Unlike other forms of art, physical location is just as important as content and audience. If you really want to get to know Boston, get up close and personal with Boston’s artistic consciousness.

From The Boston Art Commission:

“Woven through the urban landscape, site-specific artworks identify Boston as a place with long history and a great capacity for innovation. These artworks, both permanent and temporary, range from traditional and new media public art pieces to municipal design elements, such as wayfinding systems and artistic lighting.”

There are hundreds of pieces of public art throughout the city of Boston, from murals and graffiti to PaintBox projects, sculptures and ghost signs. TAG: Boston aims to bring local communities and curious tourists closer together through educational (and fun!) walking tours that explore public art pieces and their roots.

20 Awesome Boston Public Art Pieces to Check Out This Summer

Founder & Lead Tour Guide: Sam


Sam is the lead tour guide for (and founder of) TAG: Boston.

Her bio typically reads: The only “meat” I eat is fish. I ❤ art. I ❤ food. And I ❤ local.

This photo is from several years ago. She has more style now. Want proof? Come on a tour!



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